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10 Ways to Go for LEED EBOM Gold

April 29, 2011

In my previous post LEED EBOM – Either you have it or you don’t I looked at what what property managers can reasonably change – and what will likely cost too much to justify changing. 

Today I’ve broken down the EBOM credit points and prerequisites into four categories. 

  1. Plans, Policies and Procedures may be a lot of work initially, but they won’t cost anything.
  2. Operational Efficiency is where the Property Manager can make a real difference without spending money.  That doesn’t mean that you can get all of these points – that would be highly unlikely.  It does mean you can make a difference if you try.
  3. Things That Money Can’t Change are pretty much fixed.  Just check if you collect the points and then go on.
  4. Things That Money Can Change require more examination to determine if they are WORTH changing.  Many of them won’t be but some certainly will be.  For more information on this check the post mentioned above. 



To go for Gold, start with the plans and policies. If you get a good, workable set of policies that the building staff and tenants (more or less) buy into, then your chances of collecting points for executing on the plans increases dramatically.  You will be able to mandate a few of these to the building staff, but most of the critical ones you will have to SELL to your tenants.




All of the Operational Efficiency points outlined below will be dramatically effected by how well you sell them to your tenants. 

Depending on where you are, you likely won’t be able to significantly change commuting habits – the key here (and in a few other areas as well) is to encourage participation in your surveys.

There is a lot you can do to improve Energy Performance (see  Reduce Electricity Bills – at no additional cost) but to really clean up in this area you need to enlist your tenants in the energy saving program.

I’ve talked about Purchasing and Waste Management in the past as well (see Force Feeding Sustainability).  Here I believe it’s important to pick your battles well and focus on what will motivate your tenants, not about what you want to achieve.



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