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Are You a Property Leader or a Property Manager?

January 26, 2011

The best property managers – which I call Property Leaders – are consistently proactive.

On a scale of 0 to 10, how proactive are you?  When I’m pumped up about something I’m a confident 9.  When I’m stuck in a routine I’m lucky to reach 6 most days.

Being proactive takes energy but it generates even more energy.  Being reactive saps energy and generates none.  Have you ever been totally drained at the end of the day and still felt that you didn’t accomplish anything?  I know I have.  Spinning the wheels without actually going anywhere.  Reacting.

I had two conversations about this yesterday. 

image A building owner complained that his property manager comes to him with problems but can’t move from presenting options to offering solutions.  They are reacting and their client is unhappy.

Later, a property manager told me that his business is stagnating because they are too busy dealing with tenant problems to take a proactive approach to their business.  Sounds like I don’t have to worry about them invading my sustainable space any time soon.


Here are the facts:

  1. Being a property manager is a lot of work.
  2. Reacting to problems all day is tiring and NOT fun.
  3. Being Proactive is FUN and fills you with energy – because you’ve chosen what you are doing!
  4. A proactive approach prevents problems from happening, or at least reduces their urgency.

Sustainable management today requires a proactive approach.  You need to think and act differently.  You need to challenge the status quo.  You need to engage tenants, owners and building staff before they engage you in their problems.

Are you working on problems or solutions today? 

Do you have the courage to implement solutions before the problem appears?

If so then change the title on your business card to Property Leader!

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